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Friday, February 10, 2012


ARrrg! The last twenty hours working on my custom pants pattern. After  altering the pattern with adjustments to my second mock up, I made my wearable mock up. The good news? I got pretty good at using the cover-stitch function on my new serger (see picture). The bad news is, this one fits the worst of all three. When I took out the wrinkles below the butt, somehow the pivot made the crotch seam too small. Now, it is like a junior pant barely coming up past my underwear - not the high-waist jean I envisioned. Also, it is now too tight all through the hips. Obviously, I did something wrong when I redrew the crotch. Not sure if this is even salvageable because the pattern has so little seam allowance that it is impossible to add enough here and there. 

(Still had fun despite all the problems. It is the only way to learn!!!)

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