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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One shoe on, one shoe off

Up until now, I have been battling with sketching clothes on my ipad using Sketch book pro. It's a great program, but I found my drawings to be lopsided. Forget drawing the head - and the figure was impossible. It is against my nature to draw such skinny legs and arms!  So, that is why I am so excited! First day of Fashion Illustration Class at Austin School of Fashion Design.  Learning how to draw a fashion croqui is quite interesting. It is very mathematical. For fashion illustration purposes, proportions are important and must be exact. If anything is slightly off, your eye will tend to be distracted and not focus on the clothes. Now, I must practice practice practice. Eventually, my own style will develop. One can only hope! Once we learned how to draw the feet, I couldn't help designing a shoe. I can already see how this is going to be very helpful and fun when drawing my clothes. 

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