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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fleece Blanket Part 1

I've decided to make a Black and Red Lake Travis spirit fleece blanket using the technique I learned during my weekend workshop at I laid the laundered fleece on my ping pong table. Clamps, leftover from my days of working on, made it easy to gently tug and spread the fabric on the surface. 

I used plain copy paper and blocked out the LT design to make sure the scale would work.

Using my heart shaped chalk liner ( a gift from Martha Pullen), I drew guidelines. Get yourself one - you will love it.

I made my own stencil using poster-board and an exacto knife. The florid L remind me of practicing my name in elementary school! 

Here is the dried paint. Most of it will get cut away to created the textile.

Here is the whole quilt spray painted. Part 2 - the sewing!

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