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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project 6 - Track suit

 There is a dearth of stylish track suits that you can wear to and from your athletic activities. We are all so busy ~ we need our clothes to really perform. By that I mean look great and be machine washable. I don't do the dryclean thing. It's just a bad thing all around. I got to thinking about track suits because I play tennis and after our matches, we head to lunch. I can't stand being all sweaty and gross and sitting in public with my butt hanging out of my tennis skirt. And, on inclimate weather days, struggling with pulling off and on sweat pants is just annoying. So, I am developing a track suit that is made of performance fabric but takes it to the next level as far as fashion! 

 Here's a sketch of my design. It has my signature kimon sleeve and casual elegance that I love. I can't wait to get started.

I found some great cobalt blue performance fabric at Joanne's. The silver performance fabric I got from fabricmart.comThe zippers I snagged at Texstyles Designer Fabric. They are a great resource here in Austin.

The pattern development is the slowest part. And, as much as I'd like to get sewing, you can't rush it. The other thing I've discovered is figuring out the construction order. I inevitably come up with a cool thing to add only to discover that should have been done three steps earlier. It's all a learning process and noting my procedures in a notebook is very helpful. Every day I learn something new.