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Friday, May 20, 2011

My first attempt at Chenille rocks!

I am experimenting with ways to attach the bridal lace to the denim. I first tried a 3-thread overlock with metallic threads, but the beads on the fabric kept getting caught under the foot. So, plan B. I recently bought a cool book on making chenille from Half Price books and Bingo! What a cool way to edge finish any garment. I bought a fat quarter from The Cotton Cupboard (a beautiful quilting shop) and made continuous bias strips 3/8" wide. Then I sewed it directly on a piece of jean leg that I had from making my friend Paige's shorts shorter. Doesn't this look cool! It will get fringier once I wash it. The left side has 2 layers of bias strips and the right side has 3. The more strips, the fringier it gets. Second picture is after I worked the fringe…I like the left side (2 layers)…more delicate.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Experimenting late at night

I have GOT to make time to sew more, so I decided to sew after the kids went to bed. I worked on "The Jeans project". I am 2" shy of having enough fabric to do an even repeat on both legs, so I think I will make one side more lacy than the other [work with what you got!!] which actually will be much more interesting.

I painted some of the small seed beeds a metallic dark blue. I cut the top half of the tulle and put it under the embellished side. I like the look! I hand basted the two layers together watching my recorded episodes of "The Killing" on AMC.

In order to cut them out, I need to make appliques, so I experimented with the chainstich on my new Evolution. Wow. I need to get a different thread, but totally cool effect. But I think that I will machine baste an outline around each lace section and then serge them with a 3-thread overlock in navy and light blue. That way I can cut, pin and piece the various elements on the jeans to see what looks good.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Work in progress

The jeans are back in the picture. I've painted the lace. I am trying to figure out how to attache it. I will probably put a washaway fusible lining behind it before I do anything. Here's a picture of the fabric just pinned to the me lots of ideas...

I also received my order of Fine Embellishment Techniques book and The Art of Manipulating Fabric. Can't wait to dive into that world of fun.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Draping Class at Austin School of Fashion Design

I've temporarily abandoned the jeans due to taking my new owner Serger classes at Sew Much More and now, this week, I'm taking Draping class for 4 days. I've learned so much my head is spinning. I wonder if this old dog can learn all these new tricks. Also, a big shout out to my baby boy, Max, who turned 14 today. You are amazing. Not much sewing gonna happen this week with classes and my in-laws arrriving for Mother's day!