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Friday, May 20, 2011

My first attempt at Chenille rocks!

I am experimenting with ways to attach the bridal lace to the denim. I first tried a 3-thread overlock with metallic threads, but the beads on the fabric kept getting caught under the foot. So, plan B. I recently bought a cool book on making chenille from Half Price books and Bingo! What a cool way to edge finish any garment. I bought a fat quarter from The Cotton Cupboard (a beautiful quilting shop) and made continuous bias strips 3/8" wide. Then I sewed it directly on a piece of jean leg that I had from making my friend Paige's shorts shorter. Doesn't this look cool! It will get fringier once I wash it. The left side has 2 layers of bias strips and the right side has 3. The more strips, the fringier it gets. Second picture is after I worked the fringe…I like the left side (2 layers)…more delicate.

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