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Monday, May 16, 2011

Experimenting late at night

I have GOT to make time to sew more, so I decided to sew after the kids went to bed. I worked on "The Jeans project". I am 2" shy of having enough fabric to do an even repeat on both legs, so I think I will make one side more lacy than the other [work with what you got!!] which actually will be much more interesting.

I painted some of the small seed beeds a metallic dark blue. I cut the top half of the tulle and put it under the embellished side. I like the look! I hand basted the two layers together watching my recorded episodes of "The Killing" on AMC.

In order to cut them out, I need to make appliques, so I experimented with the chainstich on my new Evolution. Wow. I need to get a different thread, but totally cool effect. But I think that I will machine baste an outline around each lace section and then serge them with a 3-thread overlock in navy and light blue. That way I can cut, pin and piece the various elements on the jeans to see what looks good.

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