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Monday, February 20, 2012

Face off

 Today at Fashion Illustration Class at Austin School of Fashion Design, we learned how to draw faces. Once again, I am struck by how mathematical it is when you boil it down, step by step. We started with an oval, quartered it, drew eyes on the half way point, cut that in half, added the nose, cut that in half, added the lips. My picture is on the left, the instructor's in the middle and another student's picture on the right. They are all so different!
The hair is harder to draw than you think.You have to add lines bit by bit and make sure to create shadows. She looks like she could use a bit more hair. 
 Here we added color, blending it with our fingers. Highlighting is created by erasing away color to add a 3-D effect to the hair.
Here is my final version. My instructor told me to make the neck skinnier and shorten her chin. It was super fun doing her eye makeup! Not bad for my first shot. The truth is you can learn anything with a good teacher. I love this school.

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