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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reinventing a $4 dress

In my never ending quest to hone my fitting skills, buying XL dresses from the sale rack has become a favorite activity. I scored this size 3X plaid dress from Old Navy's extra, extra sale rack for $4 dollars. It is a least a yard of fabric, and since it is already cut out like a dress, it will cut some corners while I practice tayloring. It is hard to fit sleeves and shoulders and this will show me exactly what specific adjustments do in respect to the original size of the garment. Also, the plaid makes it easy to drape the fabric on grain - something all beginners need to practice. 

I am less than thrilled with the placement of the front pockets (Old Navy designer, what were you thinking?), so I was excited to come across this blog, where the author does an amazing job with a similar oversized, unfitted outfit. I can only hope that mine will work out as well! 

Back to the front pocket issue: The author suggested turning the dress around and using the back as the front. You can look at her genius here:

So far, I've opened the side seam and taken off the sleeves.....

My Blob Dress project
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